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The automotive industry is undergoing a series of technological changes that are improving components, manufacturing processes, safety and environmental impact of vehicles. Digital electronics and software are tending to replace mechanics and hardware in vehicles.


However, there are certain functions that need to translate the input from the “electronic brain” into mechanical action. NiTi based shape memory alloys play an important role in the development of high power density micro-actuators.A fully-equipped car may have about sixty electro-magnetic actuators that could be replaced with NiTi shape memory actuators providing big advantages, particularly as regards optimization of movement, size, cost and weight reduction.

The SAES NiTi actuators are already used in mass production of comfort seats systems and engine thermostatic valves with proven superior technical results compared to other actuators technologies.


Regarding safety of cars, SAES developed and supplies getter films at wafer level (PageWafer®) that enable gyroscopes and accelerometers inside electronic stability devices (ESP). This SAES product (PageWafer) will be also enabling the development and manufacturing of reliable and economically viable infrared cameras for automotive applications.


In order to decrease the environmental impact of cars, the latest hybrid vehicles and fully electric vehicles will use super capacitors and lithium batteries systems for efficient energy utilization. The SAES provides gas management systems based on getter material under development to increase the performance of these systems.






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