Paolo Manini, Head of SAES High Vacuum division, talks about how the SAES vacuum offer has evolved over time and can now include technologies, products and complete vacuum solutions for the accelerator and research community.

Enrico Maccallini, Technology and Digital Innovation Manager at SAES, shows in this interview how the High Vacuum Division is ready to address the new market trends and to face future challenges through digital transformation.

Fabrizio Gangini, SAES Rial Vacuum Manager Director, explains the crucial role of expertise in the design, modelling, manufacturing and testing of advanced and integrated Vacuum Systems for accelerators, research and industrial applications.

Marco Urbano, Strumenti Scientifici Cinel Managing Director, describes how the acquisition of Strumenti Scientifici CINEL S.r.l. contributed to widen SAES offer in the UHV sector, which can now provide a wide range of products and integrated solutions for large international scientific projects.

Michele Mura, Head of Development Lab (R&D) talks about the values of his lab: passion, commitment, teamwork, enthusiasm and of course innovation.

Dario Nicolosi, Business Manager for Particle Accelerators, demonstrate how to create an excellent working environment with team spirit and enthusiasm.

Andrea Cadoppi, Business Manager for the OEM of Instruments of Analysis talks about how the introduction of SAES High Vacuum products into the scientific instrumentation of various customers has led to a great improvement in performance.