Our team is our greatest asset, and it is their expertise, creativity, and dedication that drive SAES High Vacuum forward.

In this section you’ll meet the talented professionals who bring our mission to life every day. From innovative engineers and physicist, to customer service reps to visionary leaders, each person plays a vital role in shaping our future. We believe that investing in our people is investing in our success.

Join us in exploring the stories and faces behind our brand, and discover how they make a meaningful impact not only in our company but in the industry and community as well.



Discover SAES High Vacuum cutting-edge solutions for High and Ultra-High Vacuum.
NEXTorr, CapaciTorr, ZAO NEG modules and pumps allow us to bring innovation, efficiency and reliability to various sectors.



SAES High Vacuum strenght is the versatility of its products, which allows it to cover a large portion of the High and Ultra-High Vacuum market.


Special Projects

SAES High Vacuum, together with SAES RIAL Vacuum and Strumenti Scientifici Cinel, are involved in many special projects around the world.

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