Bacfarm, an innovative spin-off from the University of Cagliari, is revolutionizing the production of raw materials by harnessing the power of special bacteria with cutting-edge scientific processes.

Bacfarm mission is to make a significant impact in the raw materials sector, offering sustainable solutions for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, animal feed, and beyond. Their innovative molecules have the potential to replace or enhance ingredients and processes that are currently risky or ineffective for human and animal health.

RedZone and Bacfarm

Bacfarm is set to revolutionize the biotech industry by harnessing the untapped potential of bacteria.

We truly appreciated their pioneering approach, focused on extracting novel active ingredients from bacteria, promising groundbreaking applications in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. 

This venture not only highlights the incredible capabilities of nature’s most extreme life forms but also underscores our commitment to supporting sustainable and forward-thinking businesses.

Giulia Guadalupi, Samuele Gaviano and Davide Lobina, co-founders of Bacfarm, decided to apply to the RedZone program in particular to improve the quality towards the market.

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