Special Projects

SAES High Vacuum for Fusion Energy


As a key collaborator alongside Consorzio RFX, SAES has been instrumental in the development of SPIDER, a crucial component without which the project could not proceed.

Discover how SAES High Vacuum and Consorzio RFX are working together to turn the potential of fusion into a reality, setting new standards for clean and sustainable energy.

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MIGA Project

SAES High Vacuum and SAES Rial Vacuum are contributing to the Vacuum system of MIGA project, the new matter wave laser Interferometric Gravitation Antenna designed by LP2N laboratory in Bordeaux in France. SAES synergies in designing and producing both complex large chambers and NEXTorr pumps allow achieving XHV conditions down to 1e-11 Torr pressure or lower.


SAES RIAL Vacuum for Fusion for Energy

SAES RIAL VACUUM is playing a pivotal role in the ambitious project led by Fusion for Energy to design, fabricate, assemble, test, and deliver the Diamond Windows for the Electron Cyclotron Range of Frequency Transmission Line of  JT60SA.

Our involvement focuses on leveraging our high technological and quality standards in vacuum technology, by facing the intricate challenge of ensuring the ultimate leak tightness.

We’re on track to meet the project’s specifications, under the leading work of our Project Manager Antonio Corsi, who is coordinating the activities of our company, end customers, and the supplier Element Six.

Hi-Lumi Project

High Luminosity LHC Project – CERN