SAES for Thermo Fisher

One of the actors who joined forces to find a solution against COVID was Thermo Fisher, who made possible to analyze the virus with so high resolution that it contributed to the development of a mRNA vaccine, then approved for emergency use in December 2020.

SAES NEXTorr pump managed to maintain Ultra High Vacuum in the field emission gun of the Thermo Scientific Krios G4 TEM, helping to get unmatched image resolution.

SAES for AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies

SAES and AQT Alpine Quantum Technologies together to realize a very compact and powerful Quantum Processor.

SAES NEXTorr for Electron Microscopes

SAES NEXTorr is the most compact and high performing pump available today. Find out its unique features that make it the ideal solution for the Electron Microscope market.