Fusion Energy

Nuclear fusion represents a cornerstone of modern scientific pursuit, offering a beacon of hope for sustainable energy solutions. Fusion promises a cleaner, safer energy source without the long-lived radioactive waste associated with current nuclear power plants.

The pursuit of nuclear fusion continues to inspire a collective effort towards a sustainable and empowered future.

Let’s find out the very first steps of this challenging project that involves the High Vacuum Division in Fusion Energy  with Michele Mura, Head of Development Hub (R&D) at SAES High Vacuum, and Francesco Dinh, Project Design Engineer at SAES.

What is Fusion Energy and which is the SAES High Vacuum role in this ambitious project.

Plasma generation has been possible till today only on the stars. Now human commitment is focused on the replication of the same conditions on our Planet in order to create the sustainable and limitless energy source of the future. SAES is proud to take part in this ambitious project.

We have successfully accomplished the Manufacturing Design Phase of the biggest NEG pump ever built: the getter pumping solution for SPIDER project.

SAES journey towards Fusion Energy continues. In this video Fabrizio Siviero talks about the challenges in controlling and regenerating one of the largest NEGpumps, designed for SPIDER facility at Consorzio RFX in Padua. In collaboration with Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering, SAES developed a dashboard which allows a fully control of the main NEG pump parameters such as pressure, voltage and current of each power supply in an innovative, intuitive and flexible way.