Modules UHV

The UHV Wafer Module is a flangeless high performance NEG pump solution suited for several vacuum applications requiring the distribution of large pumping speeds and capacity for H2 and all the active gases (i.e., H2O, O2, N2, CO, CO2) inside the vacuum chambers. The NEG disks are made of the ultra-high vacuum version of the ZAO NEG alloy. The use of the UHV wafer modules allows distributing the large pumping speed inside conductance limited system and exploit their outstanding performances.

More UHV Wafer Modules can be powered at the same time by series and/or parallel connections. SAES can support and recommend the best electrical parameters and installation of multiple UHV Wafer Modules connection.

SAES Getters | Modules-UHV-1400WM-1

General Features

  • High pumping speed for all active gases
  • High sorption capacity and increased lifetime
  • Constant pumping speed in UHV and XHV
  • Operation in the presence of high magnetic fields
  • Oil free and vibration free
  • Low weight


  • Improving ultimate vacuum in combination with ion, diffusion, cryogenic or turbomolecular pumps
  • Surface analysis systems
  • Particle accelerators, synchrotron radiation sources and related equipment
  • Portable vacuum instrumentation
  • Electron Microscopes


Module UHV

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NEG Power Multi-controller Mini

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