NEG Coating

IntegraTorr® is a revolutionary way to integrate non-evaporable getter pumping in particle accelerator vacuum chambers. It consists in depositing a sputtered Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) coating on the surface of the vacuum chamber.

As a result, the surface of the vacuum chamber, normally an outgassing source, becomes a vacuum pump. Besides providing a truly distributed pumping system, the IntegraTorr NEG coating also reduces the degassing induced by ion, electron and photon bombardment.

The technique originally developed at CERN for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project is commercially available under the brand name of IntegraTorr® through the SAES.

Leveraging on more than 20 years of experience in NEG coating technology SAES is uniquely positioned to coat narrow gap insertion devices, special synchrotron and accelerator chambers or complex devices.

Moreover SAES-RIAL Vacuum and Strumenti Scientifici CINEL, two companies operating in mechanical vacuum components and scientific instrumentations owned by SAES, supply the complete finished product: the NEG coated chamber. The coated chambers integrate the expertise of the three pillar companies in manufacturing, cleaning, NEG coating, testing and delivering vacuum chambers with outstanding quality.

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  • High and uniform pumping speed inside narrow chambers
  • Simpler design of the vacuum chamber (no need for pumping antechambers; less external ports)
  • Activation achieved with a low-temperature baking process (180 °Cx24h)
  • Drastic decrease of thermal and photon-induced outgassing
  • Reduction of conditioning time and bremsstrahlung
  • Lower Secondary-Electron Yield
  • Multiple air exposures and reactivation possible

Final Applications

  • Particle Accelerators
  • Heavy Ion Rings
  • Synchrotron Radiation Facilities
  • Insertion Devices
  • Beam Lines
SAES Getters | NEG-coating_02-UHV